About Us

Paper Kutz is a stationery company located in Metro Atlanta that specializes in

handmade, custom, and unique invitations, greeting cards, and other stationery items.

Our goal is to create the perfect item or suite to leave a lasting impression. We strive to

involve your vision and personal taste and turn it into a creation

that is sure to evoke an emotional response from all your guests and recipients.

Kathy-Lee Wilson is the Creative Director of Paper Kutz. She has always loved art, paper,

and constructing things from her active imagination. Creating greeting cards and

invitations was something that she stumbled into after scrapbooking for years. Her joy is

seeing the happiness in clients’

face when they see what she has created for them.

With that being said, we look forward to working with you on your next stationery order!

"Send a greeting card and get a real smile
instead of sending a text and getting an emoji!"

-Kathy A.-