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Welcome to Kutz Kues!!!

~What Is It~

Kutz Kuez is a new way to purchase and send greeting cards! You pick the dates, occasions, and recipients and we send the cards. It's that simple!

~How It Works~

Provide us with the recipient, the occasion, and what date you want to receive the card. One week prior to that date we will send you card options via email that are perfect for that occasion. You select the card you want and we send it to you or the recipient!

It's that easy.


~Why You  Should Sign Up~

How many times have you had to run to the store at the last minute to grab a card because you forgot to get one? How many birthdays and anniversaries have you forgotten and wish you had a reminder ? Well that's where Kutz Kuez comes in to save the day! You can set a reminder in your phone, yes, but with Kutz Kues you receive the reminder as well as card options to make sure you remember AND you're prepared!

~Ready to Sign Up~

If you are ready to sign up simply add Kutz Kuez to your cart by clicking below.

Once you finish checking out, we will send you all the information you need in order to receive your cards throughout the year. 

Have more questions? Ask here!

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